ROMWE - Women's Fashion 应用的评论



This app is the best thing ever!! I don’t have a really good mall where I live because i live in a very small town. But this app is everything I need and all I want! Definitely Recommend👍

Love it

It has a lot of sales happening, there’s a lot of cute clothes and accessories. I’ve ordered twice from here and everything I’ve ordered so far is exactly how they describe it would be. People do write reviews on the items so you can see what they say Incase you are hesitant but I honestly recommend you this app.


I’ve been using this app for over a yr now I love everything about the trends the deals! The prices and the style variety of choices is remarkable. I give this 5 stars and it deserves it

I’m very pleased!

This is my first time to try purchasing on this site. At first I am skeptical to buy bcoz it is really cheap. I checked all the reviews and they are very pleased from what they got. some are not happy. So i tried. I purchased 8 items right away. coz they are all pretty in the pictures and each items review are great. when i received the package, i was really pleased its really gorgeous! They are not cheap like, though the material is really thin but I Love it and its beautiful! And their sizes are true size. To make it short, I’m really happy and will order more.

Yesssss 💕

Amazing shirts and clothing


I love love love Romwe. They have the greatest prices that don’t break the bank like: Fashion Nova, Shein, Pretty Little Thing. And their clothes are actually quailty.


So happy I discovered this app!!!!




Cute clothes but the quality is alright. It bothers me that you sometimes have to go a size up or down. The material can either be good or bad. That’s just something you want to lookout for.

Love it 💜

I love cloths and shopping but they are always soo expensive. When I saw an ad somewhere and I decided to try it out. I did ordered some cloths and I LOVE THEM! They are so cute and I always get compliments! Cloths are so cheap and cute! I recommend this app 100%


I love this app. My friend stared to wear these clothes, and I asked he were she got them. I got the app and made my first order. All the clothes came and it was so perfect! Even though one thing wasn’t how I liked it, it was amazing. Even my mom liked it! Ever since I spent my allowance on clothes from ROMWE.

Easy to use and shop 🙂

Easy to shop.. nice clothing! It would be nice to see new arrivals more often, but I do understand that this isn’t very realistic.. 🤔 otherwise wonderful and good cheap prices ☺️

Great! I think...

I ordered some sweatshirts and they ended up being very thin, which is weird considering it's a sweatshirt. But I ordered a belt right away cuz I've been needing a new one and it was smaller than I thought. But other than that it's great!

Me encata 😍

Me encata , todo llega el size perfecto y tus mercancias a tiempo , la recomiendo 100% todo es hermoso, y a un buen precio


I love ROMWE so much! It’s so cheap😍😍😍


I think romwe is a good online thing because some of the stuff r very cheap and then I can buy them with my own money so I don’t rate it the best but it’s still good so I do recommend to get this app!


Most of the clothes on here I see at other stores but like double the price! The quality and clothes here are wayyyy cheaper & cuter! I love it!


This app is amazing they have sales everyday like 2.99 and 1.99 everyday news one's and you can order stuff. But the thing is 6.99 for shipping. Other than that the app is amazing you guys should get it! LOVE THE APP!!! I got amazing clothes from it.


I was expecting this app to be a cheap app from China but i was very shocked it’s perfect all my styles and is very cheap but made well !

Best app ever

I love the clothes my mom does too their soo cute and they don’t cost that much they have fashion nova ever girl loves........I recommend this app

Me encanta

Está padrisima esta app me encanta pedir ropa aquí es de buena calidad 😍😍

Love it!

This is my go to app when im feel like online shopping, great products for amazing prices!



My #1 go to for shopping!

I love that they have reviews for everything, low prices, cute styles and accessories, coupons, and flash deals. How is that not enough to rate it 5 stars!?

Still love your clothes

I really do enjoy your clothes but it’s sad that I can’t afford them anymore since my mom thinks that it’s clothing for vile women. But I think your clothes are really great.

Shady Customer Service

My card didn’t trust ROMWE when I tried to pay, so I contacted customer service via the live chat. They told me that since it’s an international order, sometimes cards decline at first. They sent me a payment request through PayPal. I paid for my order ($85.87) and sent the proof to the live chat. They told me my order would be updated and prepared for delivery within 24 hours. It hasn’t been 24 hours yet so I can’t accuse anyone yet, but it all seems very strange and I’m not sure why it takes so long for them to just...approve a payment/update an order. I really hope I didn’t just get scammed and sent $86 to some random shady place. The live chat employees don’t speak the best English either (not a problem, it just made communication a little difficult so I hope there wasn’t any confusion).


I liked it at first.... but I’m trying to find the plus size clothing and can’t find them.... you have to search it and it shows like ALL the plus size which isn’t fair since regular size clothes are divided into categories.


I feel really comfortable using ROMWE because it leaves an option for buyers to review the item. Whenever I’m considering something I’ll go to the reviews to make sure it’s not just the company that loves it and it doesn’t just look good on the model, but it satisfies those who buy it. Being the indecisive person I am, I feel more confident about my purchases. Also the shipping on my last couple of orders were earlier than I anticipated. THANK YOU! My bikini is holding up great!


Very cheap. You get about what you expect for the price, but overall great store!

Please check measurements!

So ROMWE is easily one of my favorite clothing sites and I’ve ordered clothes from them for years. I have zero complaints! I also don’t expect them to be the highest quality clothes or items, and sometimes you do get the weirdly cheap stuff. I will mention that reviews and measurements are your best friend on this website and it helps a lot! The app makes it much easier to navigate ROMWE and I always have stuff sitting in my cart for my next big purchase. It never gets old and I’ve had items for a lot longer than I thought I would!

Totally Great

I love it


I’ve used this site to order clothes for teenagers. This site does sell cheap clothes but they are stylish and for teenagers more is better so we can stick their closets without breaking the bank. You do have to be careful with washing and treat as delicates but for the most part we are pleased. Customer service is hard to deal with. The saying you get what you pay for applies here!


I freaking love this app

Happy with my purchases

All the clothing I’ve purchased fit well are of good quality and everyone likes them my sister has even ordered a few outfits I’m happy that you carry plus size for women


I’m very skinny and nothing fits me I went on this app and it’s amazing all the stuff fits me and they even have things for toddlers that teenagers love and I think it’s really cute

I really don’t care for the material because the clothes are cheap and they aren’t pricey

I really don’t care for the material because the clothes are really cute and cheap. I want have to spin a lot of money on clothes at the mall

5 star

Great app


i have been looking at clothing from them for a while, i’ve watched lots of review videos and they say it’s good. the prices are amazing, this is literally the only app that i have found a cheap price and my size! though i haven’t ordered anything, lots of reviews say that it will fit me. i highly recommend it for teens and tweens! i’ve spent hours mesmerized by this app. overall it’s an outstanding app.

Love the clothes

I love how inexpensive it is I go to the mall and is only able to buy 2 things but on here you can get so much for a little price and I love it and the clothing is so cute 😍❤️

Not the best really just not very good

So ROMWE is great it takes your attention with all of the cheap prices but the sizes are crap and I ordered things and it was completely different than the pictures. Also the material used for the products is not good quality, very thin and very uncomfortable to wear. I used to loveROMWE but I am deleting the app because I ordered many things and was VERY disappointed with what I got. Really just crap.


Great app 👌 nice clothes 👌 just love . Love . Love ❤️👌


This is amazing app and everything is super pretty

One of my top

One of my fav page to buy clothes!


So many cute clothes and great for tweens and teens and anyone who has this type of style


I love this app it is so great and so cheap for such good quality


None of the clothes look like the pictures, cheap quality clothes, they smell awful when you first get them, can’t imagine the chemicals that would have been used in order for it to smell that bad. Save your money

i love this app so much!

this is coming from a teen who is very picky when it comes to clothing, but i’m always satisfies with Romwe, and this app makes it so easy. ((geez i sound like i’m in an ad))

Good review

Amazing deals and cute clothes


I normally don’t shop for clothes online, because I like to try things on. Romwe has some very cute clothes, but apparently they don’t know how to size things correctly. I bought a skirt and a body suit from there. I’m normally a medium in the top and a large in the bottom, but because I saw the reviews said it was a little on the small side order a size up, I did. So I got an XL in both and neither one fit. The body suit I couldn’t even zip up and I had to bend my back in such an uncomfortable position to even get it on. The skirt was so short that my buttcheeks would be showing, that is if I could even button it. I’ve had problems in the past buying pants because of my legs and butt being bigger, but that’s just outrageous to have to buy a size up and it still fits like it’s a small. Thank you, but I will never be buying from here again.

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